Lucas Margarit

A significant publication in the field of Beckett Studies in Spanish comes from Atuel Ediciones in Buenos Aires. El Monólogo Mudo: En torno a la obra de Samuel Beckett is a major new work by Beckett Society board member Lucas Margarit which offers a wide-ranging, eminently readable and intellectually satisfying, this book will attract new readers to the work of Samuel Beckett and offer new insights to specialists in the field. Daniela Caselli describes the volume as ‘a magisterial overview of what can be achieved critically through a philological method, in the etymological sense of the term. Margarit loves Beckett’s words and shows us how to recognise their value. His expert presence guides us through comparative discussions of Beckett, Shakespeare, and Pinter; explorations of Peter Brook’s theatrical productions and aesthetic reflections; manuscript analyses of the early and late poetry; discussions of the relations between nation, poetry and memory; assessments of translations in their cultural contexts; and evaluations of Beckett’s continued significance for contemporary critical theory’.

El Monólogo Mudo: En torno a la obra de Samuel Beckett de Lucas Margarit es una nueva edición significativa en el mundo de Estudios Beckett veniendo de Ediciones Atuel de Buenos Aires. El ex-presidenta del Samuel Beckett Society, Daniela Caselli escribe: ‘esta serie de ensayos nos brinda un sentido del compromiso de Lucas Margarit con la obra de Samuel Beckett […] A través de capitulos concisos, (el libro) ofrece un panorama magistral de las posibilidades criticas que brinda un método folóloico en el sentido del término. […] Estamos ante una obra de amplio alcance, muy grata y agradable que cautivará a nuevos lectores de Samuel Beckett y ofrecerá nuevas artistas para los especialistas en su obra’.

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