The latest title in the Elements in Beckett Studies series has just been published and is available to download here free of charge for a limited period. Beckett and Stein by Georgina Nugent offers ‘the first extended comparative study of Gertrude Stein’s role in the development of Beckett’s aesthetics. In doing so it redresses the major critical lacuna that is Stein’s role and influence on Beckett’s nascent bilingual aesthetics of the late 1930s. the first lengthy study to assess the relationship between the wok of Beckett and Gertrude Stein’. This groundbreaking work argues for Stein’s influence on the aesthetics of language Beckett developed throughout the 1930s, and on the overall evolution of his bilingual English writings.

Georgina Nugent also authored the recent The Making of Samuel Beckett’s Company/Compagnie in the accompanying series to the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project.

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