A new Spanish translation of Lessness/Sans has been announced by Árdora Ediciones in Madrid. The volume is novel in that it contains four versions of the same text: Beckett’s original Sans (1969), followed by its translation into Spanish by Loreto Casado, and Beckett’s original Lessness (1970), followed by its translation into Spanish by José Francisco Fernández. Fernández explained the approach that both translators took: ‘The idea was to offer to the reader all the available options for the examination of this enigmatic poetic prose by Beckett. We considered it adequate that a text which is based on mathematical possibilities should be published in its four possible versions when rendered into a third language’.

The book also contains an introduction by José Francisco Fernández, who acknowledged his debt of grant-aid from the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Photo: José Francisco Fernández with the new volume: Samuel Beckett. Sin/Sineidad. Madrid: Árdora Ediciones, 2021. ISBN: 978-84-88020-67-3

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