On Saturday July 9, a public interview with Sarah Jane Scaife will take place in Tullow Church Foxrock, Dublin as part of the LOST BODIES: Beckett, Gender & Sexuality conference. The internationally renowned director will dicuss her long engagement with Beckett’s works and her use of unique sites for her productions with Company SJ.

The event will take place at noon in the church which has become synonymous with Beckett as he attended there in his childhood and later as a companion to his infirm mother on his visits home from Paris.

Entry is Free.

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3 replies on “Locating Beckett: A Public Interview with Sarah Jane Scaife

  1. Is there any chance of this interview being available to view at or after the event, on Zoom or video?

    With thanks – Liz

    Elizabeth Simpson 107 Seddon House London EC2Y 8BX


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