Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’Hui (SBT/A)

Brill_SBT_journal_28-1_alt.qxp_SPINE=8,5mmA refereed bilingual journal, Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui (SBT/A) has established itself as one of the leading international journals in the dynamic field of Beckett studies. Launched in 1991 by Sjef Houppermans and the late Marius Buning, the journal is published in the Netherlands by Rodopi, an international academic press. Since issue 11, SBT/A is available in both print and electronic versions. Although one issue a year was originally planned, the desire to showcase work by both established and young Beckettians without undue delay has resulted, on occasion, in more than one annual number. By 2008, twenty issues with a near total of 500 articles had appeared. The handsome annual volumes – the recent ones averaging 440 pages each – comprise special issues and compilations of selected papers delivered at Beckett conferences around the globe. In most issues, a ‘free section’ is reserved for unsolicited articles.

A guiding principle of the journal is its openness to diverse disciplinary domains, scholarly methods, theoretical perspectives, and the discourse styles of scholars worldwide.

A guiding principle of the journal is its openness to diverse disciplinary domains, scholarly methods, theoretical perspectives, and the discourse styles of scholars worldwide. Bilingual since its inception, it aims to foster dialogue across languages, cultures, and disciplines. The journal welcomes submissions in English and French from all parts of the world provided they contribute a new understanding to the extensive literature on Beckett and, in the words of the founding issue’s editorial, “meet equally the tests of scholarship and readability.”

Submissions, prepared according to the SBT/A guidelines, should be sent as e-mail attachments in MS Word to one of the chief editors. The guidelines in English and French and a model article in each language are available on this site along with the SBT/A Cumulative Index. The editors request that prospective contributors consult the journal’sindex along with other bibliographies such as the MLA International Bibliography to locate and refer to the work by other scholars on their topics. Contributors receive gratis one copy of the issue in which their articles appear.

Subscription information on SBT/A and a list of back issues are available at . Click on “online access” to consult articles beginning with vol. 11. The articles in vols. 11-14 can be viewed free of charge; articles in more recent issues can be downloaded on a pay-per-view basis.

Editorial Board: Sjef Houppermans (Leiden University) and Angela Moorjani (University of Maryland – UMBC), chief editors; Matthijs Engelberts (University of Amsterdam), Mark Nixon (University of Reading), Danièle de Ruyter (Leiden University), and Dirk Van Hulle (Antwerp University).

Editorial correspondence:
Dr. Sjef Houppermans (submissions and inquiries in French)

Prof. Angela Moorjani (submissions and inquiries in English)

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Journal of Beckett Studies (JoBS)

journalofbeckettstudies-jobs.pngThe Journal of Beckett Studies has been the journal of record for the established and expanding field of Beckett studies for over thirty years. It has always been blind peer-reviewed and is recognised internationally as a scholarly journal of high standard.

Vol. 17, numbers 1 & 2 (which appeared in April 2009), marks the beginning of a new partnership between The Journal of Beckett Studies and Edinburgh University Press. The Journal of Beckett Studies was founded by Beckett’s biographer James Knowlson and well-known Beckett critic John Pilling in 1976. The first series was published by John Calder Publishers as a commercial venture. Two issues per year were published until the Journal went into abeyance in 1984. Stanley Gontarski, a prominent critic who also knew and worked with Beckett, founded the second series in 1992 and remained sole editor from then until 2008. The second series also published two issues per year, sometimes in the form of double issues.

The Journal of Beckett Studies […] is recognised internationally as a scholarly journal of high standard.

Late in 2007 a new team of editors, Anthony Uhlmann (University of Western Sydney), Stan Gontarski (Florida State University), Chris Ackerley (University of Otago), Dirk Van Hulle (Antwerp University) and Mark Nixon (University of Reading) came together with a view to renewing the journal, consolidating and further building its profile, and moving it into the age of print/electronic publishing. The editorial office of the journal has now moved from Florida State University to the University of Western Sydney. The central commitment of the new group is to producing two high quality issues each year from 2009. These will appear through Edinburgh UP, in both print and electronic form each year in April and September.

(Please note, a special discount is offered to members of the Samuel Beckett Society)


Submissions, requests for information for contributors and editorial queries can be sent to both Dr Mark Nixon and Professor Dirk Van Hulle:

Dr Mark Nixon
Department of English Literature
The University of Reading
PO Box 218
Reading RG6 6AA
United Kingdom


Prof. Dirk Van Hulle
University of Antwerp
L&W, D.137
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerp


Please send books for review to:

Dr Ulrika Maude
Department of English
School of Humanities
University of Bristol
11 Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1TB
United Kingdom