While we struggle with the seemingly-unending pandemic, the Beckett community has been continuing to perform, come together (occasionally) and write as best it can. In this issue, we review productions of Waiting for Godot in the claustrophobic confines of Zoom, to Happy Days in a limestone field on a remote island. Lisa Dwan talks about playing the role of Winnie in Happy Days. Essays explore Beckett’s attendance at a lecture in Dresden in 1937 and his literary encounter with Andrei Belyi, as well as the complicated question of gender-specific role playing in his own theatre work. The latest books by Anna McMullan and Seán Kennedy are reviewed as are the recent on-line conferences and festivals.

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Masthead Photo Wicklow Mountains. ‘Under its heather mask the quag allures, with an allurement not all mortals can resist. Then it swallows them up or the mist comes down’ (Mercier and Camier) Pic: F. Ó Faoláin.

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