Coming imminently from Edinburgh University Publishing is Samuel Beckett and Technology, edited by Galina Kiryushina, Einat Adar and Mark Nixon. Drawn from the conference of the same name which was held in Charles University, Prague in 2018, this new volume aims for ‘a comprehensive discussion of the role technology plays in shaping Beckett’s trademark aesthetics’ by ‘assembling an innovative and diverse range of scholarly approaches to the topic, which collectively renegotiate our understanding of his work in prose, theatre, film, radio and television’. Beckett’s work is ‘examined in its relation to historical and contemporary technologies, discourses of technicity and technē, post-humanism, and the digital age’.

The volume comprises sixteen chapters from Dirk van Hulle, Dúnlaith Bird, Shane Weller, Galina Kiryushina, Walter Asmus, Naoya Mori, Olga Beloborodova, Feargal Whelan, Lucy Jeffrey, Céline Thobois, Thomas Thoelen, Michael D’Arcy, Reuben Borg, Jonathan Bignell, Pim Verhulst and Nicholas Johnson. Also included is a fascinating preface from veteran Beckettian Clas Zilliacus, whose groundbreaking work Beckett and Broadcasting was published in 1976, and which in turn opened up so many areas of scholarship contained in the current collection.

The book can be preordered here at a 30% discount by adding the code NEW30 to the order.

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