A one-day colloquium in honour of Rosemary Pountney is to be held in Jesus College, Oxford on March 26 to coincide with the launch of the new series ‘Elements in Beckett Studies’  from Cambridge University Press. The speakers, drawn from the series’ authors, will include Anna McMullan , Jonathon Heron and Nicholas Johnson, Olga Beloborodova, and Shane Weller. Proceedings will be introduced by series editors Dirk van Hulle and Mark Nixon. Tributes will be paid to Rosemary Pountney by Jonathon Heron and Paulina Kewes.

Resistration: http://bit.ly/BeckettElements

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4 replies on “Colloquium to Launch ‘Elements in Beckett Studies’ series in Oxford on March 26 2020

  1. Thanks. We spent some time with Rosemary at the SB summer school. She was delightful. Also We know all the people in this Oxford program, they are from the summer school.

    Your leaving today? Travel well 😎

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    Larry Lund


    1. Thanks Karen. You are correct that there are a particularly large number of Beckett performances and events being staged at present. We try to keep up with as many as possible as soon as we become aware of them but inevitably some don’t reach us in time. We maintain a facebook page and a twitter account, both of which draw attention to Beckett events, and tend to react more speedily than the website.
      The Samuel Beckett Society


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