A new initiative to help early career scholars in the worldwide Beckett Studies community is being launched by the respected scholars Julie Bates (Trinity College Dublin) and Katherine Weiss (California State LA] in which they seek to create a network of support for the particular cohort. In an address to all relevant parties they write: ‘Over the years, at various Beckett gatherings and at our academic institutions, we have become aware of the challenges early career scholars are facing — some challenges that we too faced and also new barriers that have arisen more recently. In recognition of the current and changing environments of academia, we would like to create a collaborative network, providing resources and support for early career scholars of Beckett Studies. Our working definition of ‘early career scholars’ is those who are currently researching a PhD and those who have their degree but who are still pre-tenure.

To begin this process, we are setting up meetings so we can hear your concerns and ideas, and begin to think in more detail about what the network might involve, and how best it might seek to address the experiences of early career scholars. These meetings are meant to be listening sessions: a space for you to speak and for us to listen. In doing so, we will be able to help shape future gatherings and provide resources to address your concerns.

We have arranged two zoom meeting slots hoping that one or other will suit most people. They will take place Friday 30 June at 5pm (Irish Standard Time)[9am PST]

and Tuesday 11 July at 6pm (Irish Standard Time) [10am PST]

If you are interested in joining one of the meetings, please email Julie or Katherine and we will send you a zoom link.’

Masthead image: Inspiring Generations (detail) by Joe Caslin. [Pic: F. Ó Faoláin]

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