Volume 44 Issue 1 of the Beckett Circle, the publication of the Samuel Beckett Society, is now live and available to all Society members here.

A packed issue contains a fascianting long-read as Katherine Weiss discusses the process undertaken by well-known television and stage actor Monica Horan and director Rob Weiner as they developed a prodcution of Happy Days over a long period beginning in lockdown. The long road of exploration and development took them from the deserts of Texas to the heart of Los Angeles leading to a production which resonates deeply with the times. Hannah Simpson interviews Irish visual artist Sarah Browne about a film project she undertook called Echo’s Bones in which she collaborated with a group of young autistic people from Fingal, in north County Dublin, by responding to a number of early Beckett texts.

Beckett’s biographer James Knowlson applies his forensic shcolarship to attempt to properly identify some paintings referenced in Beckett’s correspondence. The result is an enormously rich evocation of the life and interests of Beckett’s close firends Henri and Josette Hayden, and a hugely entertaining portrait of the sadly-neglected Irish polymath, Ralph Cusack.

There are a pair of book reviews of recent academic publications and performance reviews from venues as disparate as New York, Paris and Stoke Newington. We are also delighted to hear from the new President of the Samuel Beckett Society, Patrick Bixby, who airs his first Presidential address.

Why not join the Samuel Becket Society, full details here.

Masthead: Monica Horan as Winnie in Happy Days (pic: Grettel Cortes)

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