Among the clutch of new titles in Beckett Studies comes Samuel Beckett and Catastrophe from Palgrave Macmillan. Edited by Michiko Tsushima, Yoshiki Tajiri, Mariko Hori Tanaka, the volume promises to be ‘a groundbreaking collection of original essays that explore the relation between Samuel Beckett and catastrophe in terms of war, the Holocaust, nuclear disasters and ecological crisis. Responding to the post-catastrophic situations in the twentieth century, Beckett created characters who often seem to have been through an unknown catastrophe.  Although the importance of catastrophe in Beckett has been noted sporadically, there has been no substantial attempt to discuss his aesthetics and work in relation to it. This collection will therefore serve as the first sustained study to explore the theme of catastrophe in Beckett and will be a highly significant contribution to Beckett studies.’

Its contributor list includes essays from Laura Salisbury, Trish McTighe, William Davies, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Llewellyn Brown and Jeff Fort, as well as from the co-editors.

Full details here.

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