Clockwise from top: Katherine Wess, Nadia Louar, Jonathan Basile, and Brenda O’Connell

As with all events in the recent calendar, the annual MLA convention has had to be reconfigured to accommodate the inability of attendees to travel and present. However, given that all papers will now be delivered remotely, there is a greater opportunity for interested parties from all over the world to participate and engage with the panels like never before.

This year’s Samuel Beckett Society panel comprises four papers on the them of Beckett, Gender and Sexuality and consist of the following papers:

‘Heavens What Are They Up To!’: The Lustful Gaze of Beckett’s Women
Katherine Weiss, California State U, Los Angeles

The Genders (les Genres) of Beckett
Jonathan Basile, Emory U

‘Back in the Caul’: Insufferable Maternity and Motherhood in ‘First Love’
Brenda O’Connell, Maynooth U

Beckett’s Queerious Practices of Self-Translation
Nadia Louar, U of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

The session will take place on Thursday 7 January from 10:15 to 11:30 (New York time]. Access to the convention website through here.

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