Calder Bookshop, London · 31 May, 7pm

From the Calder Bookshop and Theatre: ‘”Samuel Beckett in Our Time” looks both on the restrictions imposed on current productions of Beckett’s theatre and the ways in which contemporary directors push the limits of what might be called “authentic Beckett” to produce a Beckett for the 21st century, one faithful to the Beckett texts but one which also explores the full theatrical potential of the dramatic texts and gives both directors and actors a substantial role in the creative process.’ [Read More]

Posted by:Rhys Tranter

Rhys Tranter is a writer based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. He is the author of Beckett's Late Stage (2018), and his work has appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, The Spectator, and a number of books and periodicals. He holds a BA, MA, and a PhD in English Literature. His website is a personal journal offering commentary and analysis across literature, film, music, and the arts.

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