The treasure trove of Samuel Beckett recordings hidden online

“On a website ‘filled with the detritus and ephemera of great artists’ (the kind of place you can’t quite summon how you found afterwards and have trouble locating again, as though you dreamt it) there’s a wonderful hunk of little-heard pieces for radio, written by Samuel Beckett. Among them is a 1957 BBC recording of From An Abandoned Work – a monologue (that started in 1954 as a bit of prose) delivered by an old man remembering his youth. It’s unbelievably well acted, by the Armagh-born Patrick Magee, a presence so full of strangeness and charisma and difference and power, the whole thing made me feel like I’d been blindfolded.”

Read the full article in the New Statesman.

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Pop Beckett: Calling for Submissions

A new edited volume of essays from Ibidem Press, to be published Spring 2019: The first objective will hopefully demonstrate that Beckett was embedded within popular cultural forms of his day – particular in the early stages of his career – be it in the form of film, advertising or song, and that these cultural units are refracted through the works themselves.

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